• Iki Gözüm Ahmet: Sürgün



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    Iki Gözüm Ahmet: Sürgün
    Iki Gözüm Ahmet: Sürgün

    Ahmet is the youngest child of a factory worker family in Malatya. When he was 7 or 8 years old, at the insistence of his older brother, he started his musical life with a small instrument bought by his father. At first, he gives concerts for poultry, then for the families of workers.

    When he moved to Koca Mustafa Pasa, Istanbul, he started to work to support his poor family. At first, he works as a clerk and later in textile workshops. Ahmet also works as a taxi driver for a while, but his life changes completely when he meets Suphi.

    Envying the young people he saw in the neighbourhood wearing bell-bottom trousers and his friend Suphi, Ahmet started going to associations and People's Assemblies and found himself in the Revolutionary Movement.

    Fighting for the liberation of the people with his struggles on the streets, Ahmet also practiced music. However, he could not release an album due to lack of money.

    The turning point in the music life of Ahmet, who could not forget the love he had with a beautiful girl he met in the neighbourhood for many years, was the first album he made with the support of his friends. But this album is also banned.

    Ahmet, who made many successful albums in the tired years he lived in his country, had problems with the administration of each period. Lawsuits were constantly filed against him, but he was acquitted of all of them. In addition to his revolutionary stance, Ahmet sided with the oppressed in human rights, equality and turban equations. This struggle and stance continued until the Magazine Journalists Award Night in 1998. Ahmet, who was awarded the best artist prize that night, made a speech that was expected of him at the time of the award and dedicated his prize to the Saturday mothers and the oppressed. Not content with this, he announces that he will make a Kurdish song and shoot a Kurdish music video.

    The award night suddenly turns into a night of lynching for Ahmet Kaya. While famous artists and guests in the hall accuse him of being a separatist, Ahmet's life changes dramatically. Declared a terrorist and traitor, Ahmet is found guilty after the trials, and is released on parole after receiving a phone call while being taken to prison. The door is opened on purpose, Ahmet is sent abroad.

    Leaving his beloved homeland, Ahmet sings that song in Paris. After giving concerts in France and all European countries for a while, the artist can no longer bear it. His longing for his country, homeland and family, his experiences in Paris and the abandonment of his friends one by one lead him to an unknown disease day by day.

    What awaits Ahmet Kaya, the legendary protest artist who left his mark on an era, in his life of struggle and exile?


    Iki Gözüm Ahmet: Sürgün






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