• Juzni Vetar

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    Juzni Vetar
    Juzni Vetar

    A story about Petar Maras, a Belgrade criminal in his late twenties, whose one reckless move
    causes an avalanche of events that will greatly affect the lives of those around him.

    In the life of Petar Maraš, a member of the Belgrade auto mafia, things begin to make sense. He leaves
    the parental home and with his long-time girl Sofia moves into their new apartment. He is a member of
    clan, managed by an experienced boss called "Emperor", and everything works well. Everything will
    change when Maraš stole the wrong car and start a conflict with a notorious narco clan. His mistake will
    cause the avalanche of troubles to for everybody, his team, his friends, his parents, his brother, his girl
    Sofia. Maraš decides to take responsibility for the mistake he committed. Along the way, he found out
    that he will become a father, and this open his eyes and raise him from the ashes, into a new faith, and a
    new life. He finds a way to fight with his opponents, takes all the blame on himself and ends up in


    Juzni Vetar






    Ikke aldersklassifisert

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