• Kult. The Movie.



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    Kult. The Movie.
    Kult. The Movie.

    A documentary film containing unique and unpublished backstage materials from the life of the legendary Kult band and Kazik Staszewski himself. A real, exciting and anticipated film about people without whom the Polish music scene could not exist. The camera accompanied the musicians during the concert tour and in everyday life, showing the phenomenon and the group and its unprecedented relationship with fans.

    The story of the band KULT, whose success is largely based on the idea "Your word is truth", which is also the title of their song. You may love or hate this truth, but you cannot pass by it indifferently. KULT - creative power, ability to attract crowds, four decades on the Polish music scene and the status of one of the most outstanding and popular Polish rock bands in the history of the genre. Traveling is a natural environment for musicians. Hence the journey is the narrative framework of this story. This is part of their everyday life.


    Kult. The Movie.






    Alle som ser filmen må ha fylt 18 år. Husk gyldig legitimasjon.

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