• Man of God

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    Man of God

    "Will be shown with dual subtitles both Serbian and English"

    In the lives of the saints, we find strength. Their struggles mirror our own, and their triumphs over human weakness give us hope. Such is the subject of our faith-based film, MAN OF GOD. The life of St. Nektarios of Aegina from Greece was one of persecution and prosecution. A priest of the common people, his humility annoyed the prideful orthodox clergy, his devotion aroused their suspicions, and they slandered him. Despite being stripped of his church and exiled from Egypt and the parishioners who loved him, Nektarios let his faith in God be his best defense.
    In contrast to his religious “superiors” – the bishops and patriarchs mesmerized by worldly honors and power – Nektarios cared for the poor; taught peasant girls to read and write; inspired by example young men to enter the priesthood; and wrote books and delivered sermons that uplifted nations of believers. Despite the efforts of the religious establishment to discredit him and dismantle his good works over decades, St. Nektarios established a convent in Aegina, a barren and desolate island, that still stands today as a beacon to pilgrims.
    Even his last moment on earth was used to help another: upon his death, Nektarios’ undergarment was removed, and as it fell upon the paralyzed man in the hospital bed next to him, the lame man arose to walk. So, too, do we hope MAN OF GOD will awaken the paralyzed faith in audiences around the world.


    Man of God


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    Ikke aldersklassifisert

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