• Murat Gögebakan: Kalbim Yarali



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    Murat Gögebakan: Kalbim Yarali

    The film portrays the life of the famous Anatolian Rock singer Murat Gögebakan, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and died in the hospital where he was treated after struggling with leukemia for a long time.

    The singer, whose heartbreaking songs was listened to by millions of people, was diagnosed with cancer again after his wife’s betrayal. This biographical drama is the life story of Murat Gögebakan, who attracted attention with his sad songs and who introduced himself to the entire country as the Man of Love.


    Murat Gögebakan: Kalbim Yarali




    12 år. Kan sees av barn som har fylt 9 år, i følge med en voksen.

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