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    Ferhat and Asli, who are very close friends, go through bad times after being abandoned by their lovers Serra and Canberk, and they finally realize that they should be together. Asli accepts Ferhat's proposal to marry Asli and they get married. In the third year of their marriage, things are no longer going well for their relationship, they have a middle-class life, Ferhat works in a restaurant, and Asli wants to be a kitchen chef. Ferhat surprises Asli with a holiday on their anniversary and takes her to a hotel where couples therapy is offered, hoping that it will improve their relationship. Asli and Ferhat meet other couples during this therapy holiday and encounter Serra and Canberk. At the end of the therapy, one couple will be the winner. This holiday has now turned into a race and Ferhat and Asli try hard to win this race. Every day, accompanied by Barbaros teacher, they organize a competition with other couples. Towards the end of the holiday, things do not go well and they argue, and then Asli finds out that she is pregnant. Their marriage with Ferhat improved, they won the race, and they received a very meaningful gift from the other couple, Ferhunde and Fikri. Everything is fine now.








    15 år. Kan sees av barn som har fylt 12 år, i følge med en voksen.

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