• Nefes: Yer Eksi Iki



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    Nefes: Yer Eksi Iki
    Nefes: Yer Eksi Iki

    The helicopter was flying through hundreds of meters of cliffs, almost licking the soil. The co-pilot looks stressed. He feels the need to alert his commander. His eyes on the altitude indicator, he spoke, his lips trembling:
    “Sir, we’re flying 65 feet above the ground!”
    And the response was cold as ice: “Some are about to go six feet down.”
    It means six feet down the ground…
    It’s 1993… A period when terror haunted the region like the grim reaper.
    They were three people in a corner of the Southeast Anatolian region… Ufuk, the journalist sent to the Southeast to make news… Salman, the town’s electrician, whose two older brothers joined the PKK… And Captain Tayfun whose wife got pregnant after years through treatment…
    All three of them go through their own trauma, unaware of each other’s.
    Actually, what happens in these “four days”, which seems as long as an endless tragedy, will turn Ufuk, Salman and Tayfun, whose paths cross, into a mess.
    “Because this is the country of people who are unaware of one another’s lives”.


    Ozan Uzunoglu


    Nefes: Yer Eksi Iki






    15 år. Kan sees av barn som har fylt 12 år, i følge med en voksen.

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