• Sevda Mecburi Istikamet

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    Sevda Mecburi Istikamet

    Selim Erensoylu is one of Yesilçam's most prominent handsome young male actors. During a movie shoot, he meets Sevda and falls in love with her. This love results in marriage.

    Sevda and Selim have a daughter named Suna. When their daughter is 4 years old, she is diagnosed with autism. In those years, a full definition of autism could not be made yet. Selim, out of desperation, his sense of protecting Sevda and Suna, and most importantly to prevent any harm to his career, places his wife and daughter with his mother who lives in Çanakkale.

    Playing the roles of the old rich man in current TV series, Selim puts his work aside with the sudden death of his wife Sevda and begins to take care of his now grown daughter Suna. However, this communication will not be easy.

    Clinging to life with technology, Suna sees the world and constructs stories through the camera's viewfinder, rather than her own eyes. Finding this out, Selim decides to go on a journey with his daughter, to tell her the story of her parents and shoot a movie together. Suna, who loves this idea very much, immediately falls in step with her father. This journey from Istanbul to Çanakkale will deeply affect Selim and Suna.


    Sevda Mecburi Istikamet






    Ikke aldersklassifisert

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